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Benefits of 6D Project Catalyst

Increased Productivity
Easy to build knowledge base of best practices from successful projects
Meet organizational or other standards: CMMI, ISO, Six Sigma, PMI's - PMBOK® Guide 
Easy to provide task specific guidance to all Project Staff

6D Project Catalyst based Methodologies actually get used!!

Who uses it?

Project Managers use 6D Project Catalysts Process Asset Library to easily create a comprehensive list of Project Defined Processes with attached examples, templates, task specific roles & responsibilities and schedule - resulting in many fold improvement in productivity. 

Process Managers and the Project Management Office use 6D Project Catalyst for Process Content Management - building a knowledge base of best practices or a framework that reflects the best practices of their organization with lessons learned from past projects.

Team Members use 6D Project Catalyst to get all of the information they need to do the tasks right the first time.

Product Demo

Demo of Project Catalyst

Demo of Project Management Methodology

6D Project Catalyst EPM Suite

Project Catalyst is the only product available today that allows you to build and save your methodologies completely inside Microsoft Office Project Professional and Project Server!
Why should methodologies be integrated inside Project? - Learn more by taking a Product Tour.
Now you can make sure that all project team members have a clear definition of their roles and responsibilities, the tasks to performed, and the work products to be produced. Project Catalyst allows you to establish Enterprise, Departmental or Project level methodologies and Best Practices to support all types of projects. This includes Marketing Campaigns, Product Development, Process Maturity (CMMI, Six Sigma, etc.), Software Engineering (IT), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) or Event Management.

Build, Assemble, Manage, Deploy and Improve Best Practices

  • Accelerate the creation of standardized Project Plans from reusable templates
  • Author multiple Process Templates and Methodologies to build a full Process Asset Library
IT based SDLCs, CMMI processes
          New Product Launch
Six Sigma
          SOX Compliant processes
          Construction Management
  • Tailor Project Methodologies easily to meet the needs of your project and stakeholders
  •  Define Roles and Responsibilities - comply with CMMI, PMBOK® Guide, ISO and other guidelines
  • Attach reference and deliverable documents including examples, templates and project deliverables
  • Improve Processes – benefit from repeatability of processes and foster metrics collection
  • Deploy methods across your entire organization - access methods over the web using PWA
  • Capture Lessons Learned – prevent loss of knowledge because of staff turnover

6D Catalyst Professional

Catalyst Professional is built inside Project Professional and includes facilities for authoring and customizing best practices, generating project plans from the Process Asset Library, creating and maintaining shared standard work product examples and templates, defining and maintaining Roles and Responsibilities, and managing project deliverables.

Build your Best Practices Library

Catalyst Professionals powerful Process Asset Library (PAL) capability allows you the flexibility of building your Best Practice assets in a manner that best suits your organization and budget. You can either purchase off-the-shelf Best Practices from 6D Tech or another vendor or build the knowledge base that reflects the best practices of your organization. Catalyst Professional enables you to create project based methodologies either by defining them from scratch or by simply selecting all or parts of the Best Practices lifecycles - processes from the PAL.  Managers or staff with the appropriate permission can edit, move blocks of information, or add lessons learned easily.

Extend Enterprise Templates - Eliminate disconnected islands of information

Now there is no need to store your methodology information in external documents or on disconnected web pages or even the "project guide" on Project. 6D Project Catalyst ensures that all narrative information about a task including inputs and deliverables documents, roles and responsibilities, and references such as policies and techniques is available for the tasks in your project right inside Microsoft Project. Easily attach documents to Project or Enterprise Template tasks using Catalyst Professional.

6D Catalyst Web Access

Catalyst Web Access is built inside Project Web Access and allows all project stakeholders to view the methodology, roles & responsibilities including examples and templates for their assignments over the web. It includes: best practices views across multiple projects and assignments, task specific roles & responsibilities, reference materials and deliverables across tasks and projects.
Using Catalyst Web Access, stakeholders have access to all the methodology content as well as any reference information needed to accomplish the task objectives such as  techniques manual, policies, etc. Navigation enables them to view multiple documents without leaving the Web Access portal. They can see their specific role on a task and view roles that others are playing. They can review examples and templates before completing project deliverables.

Project Catalyst Server

Project Catalyst Server is built as an extension of Microsoft Project Server. It enables access to all the knowledge content for methodologies, and documents associated with enterprise templates including policies and procedures.


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