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Ideal for Non-EPM Environments

Share methodologies and documents across projects and teams
Manage Process Asset Libraries on shared drives over the network
Standardize and share all Project deliverables
Because methodologies are portable (this includes methodology content as well as documents), you can now share methods even when you are not connected to a network
Show compliance to company or or other industry standards: CMMI, ISO, Six Sigma, PMI's - PMBOK ® Guide
Easily transition to EPM environment in the future

Ideal for Independent Consultants

Independent Consultants and Project Managers on small teams have the subject matter expertise that is critical to their customers and teams.

This desktop tool allows them to capture their knowledge in a format that actually "operationalizes" their process - defining the tasks  with attached examples, templates, task specific roles & responsibilities and descriptions.

Why is this important to you as an Independent Consultant? 

You can create your own methodologies and build your own Process Asset Library in the areas of your expertise- Project Management, Six Sigma, SDLC, PLM, Construction, etc
Make money by using the Portability feature of the product to create your own Intellectual Property (methods) and sell it to others over the web or to your consulting customers
Capture best practices during your customer engagements - over time you will have a great library of solutions you can bring to the market
Increase your sales - If you have clearly defined processes in a project plan - your customer will have a better understanding of the work that needs to be performed - this will give you an edge in your sales process.

Are You...

Building a WBS Dictionary?

Developing a PM Methodology / SDLC / Six Sigma Methodology?

Now you can start small and scale up - Individual, Team & Enterprise users

Contact Information

6D Tech
P. O. Box 700696
Dallas, Texas 75370
United States of America


Project Catalyst Supports:

  • Microsoft Project Standard
  • Microsoft Project Professional
  • Microsoft Project Server

6D Project Catalyst Desktop - Single User

Project Catalyst allows you to build a Reusable WBS Dictionary and save your methodologies inside Microsoft Project Standard or Professional!

Now you can make sure that all project team members have a clear definition of their roles and responsibilities, the tasks to performed, and the work products to be produced. Project Catalyst allows you to establish Enterprise, Departmental or Project level methodologies and Best Practices to support all types of projects. This includes Marketing Campaigns, Product Development, Process Maturity (CMMI, Six Sigma, etc.), Software Engineering (IT), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) or Event Management.

Microsoft Project Integration

Project Catalyst Desktop is a Methodology and WBS Dictionary product integrated inside Microsoft Project Desktop.  Project Managers can work inside the tool they are familiar with using.  

Process Asset Lifecycle Management

It allows you to easily build a robust Process Asset Library - author, assemble, deploy and improve your organization’s best practices.  Both Power Users as well as novices can author the processes they know best then assemble the content into usable modules, deploy these processes to their teams and improve the processes over time.  

Process Definition

Project Catalyst™ is built on the fundamental principle that organizations need processes and supporting methodology to execute projects efficiently. Process definition is essential for completeness, clarity, communication, compliance and collaboration – defined processes can be measured and improved. A methodology includes not only the information required for process execution, but also a clear description of the expected outcomes and the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders.

"Just Enough" Methodology

Project Catalyst allows organizations to start from minimal to no methodology, or build just enough methodology and capture knowledge and lessons learned from projects. It helps organizations achieve an accelerated path to higher levels of process and project maturity.

Standards Based Processes

Project Catalyst’s knowledge base has a flexible design to support all projects within an organization based on any standard (CMMI, PMI, ISO, PRINCE2): Marketing Campaigns, Six Sigma, Product Lifecycle Management, Software Development and more.

Build your Best Practices Library

Catalyst Desktop's Process Asset Library (PAL) capability allows you the flexibility of building your Best Practice assets in a manner that best suits your organization and budget. You can either purchase off-the-shelf Best Practices from 6D Tech or another vendor or build the knowledge base that reflects the best practices of your organization. Catalyst Desktop enables you to create project based methodologies either by defining them from scratch or by simply selecting all or parts of the Best Practices lifecycles - processes from the PAL.  Users can edit, move blocks of information, or add lessons learned easily. 

Build, Assemble, Manage and Improve Best Practices

  • Accelerate the creation of standardized Project Plans from reusable templates
  • Author multiple Process Templates and Methodologies to build a full Process Asset Library
IT based SDLCs, CMMI processes
          New Product Launch
Six Sigma
          SOX Compliant processes
          Construction Management
  • Tailor Project Methodologies easily to meet the needs of your project and stakeholders
  •  Define Roles and Responsibilities - comply with CMMI, PMBOK® Guide, ISO and other guidelines
  • Attach reference and deliverable documents including examples, templates and project deliverables
  • Improve Processes – benefit from repeatability of processes and foster metrics collection
  • Capture Lessons Learned – prevent loss of knowledge because of staff turnover



A Few Of Our Customers

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