Tuesday, December 01, 2015


Introducing Methodologies?

Have your previous attempts to introduce methodologies been less than successful?

Let 6D ... show you how we can optimize your methodology delivery through our fully integrated software solutions.

Benefits of 6D Software Products

Ease of Accessibility - with 6D products users can single-click to navigate to their methodology content - resulting in a dramatic increase in methodology use
Relevance - with 6D products the Project Manager can easily customize the content to give clear project related guidance where necessary. Methods now reflect the realities of the project and organization and are not generic
Easy to build knowledgebase of best practices from successful projects div>
Meet organizational or other standards: CMMI, ISO, Six Sigma, PMI's - PMBOK┬« Guide 
Easy to provide task specific guidance to all Project Staff
Task specific guidance to all Project Staff

IT System Development Lifecycles (SDLC) Methodologies

IT System Development Life cycles (SDLCs)

Each methodology contains everything you need to be successful - concise task descriptions, clearly defined roles and responsibilities, deliverable descriptions, templates and examples. It consists of:

Standard Development Baseline

This development path supports the creation of large applications. It is a complete, concise methodology - containing all of the definitions, topics, roles and responsibilities and deliverables needed for success.

Client Server Design

Client/Server architectures require special considerations for proper distribution of data and processes. This path utilizes event based modeling techniques and covers distributed architecture considerations. 

Client Server Development (Object Oriented)

This full-life-cycle methodology utilizes object-oriented development methods and techniques and is target at distributed applications development. 

Component Based Development

This development path utilizes staged analysis/design/construction techniques to deliver incremental system functionality. Each stage delivers usable application components.

Rapid Application Development

This development path applies proven group facilitation and prototyping techniques to gather requirements and produce a high quality system in a fast development environment. RAD is extremely useful in situations where project scope is well known and tight deadlines must be met.

Internet Applications Design

Web-enabled architectures involve careful attention to architecture, deployment and security implications. This path utilizes UML modeling techniques and covers web architecture considerations. 

Purchased Package Acquisition and Adaptation

This path covers all aspects of Acquisition and Adaptation of a Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS) package. It includes considerations for integrating data and process models of COTS with existing application models. 

Small Systems Development

Every organization is faced with dozens of small, short-cycle application development projects. The Small Systems path contains tasks to manage the issues inherent in these projects and integrate the new system into an overall architecture. 

Decision Support Systems Development

Decision support systems and data warehousing frameworks supply businesses with consistent historical information for strategic and long-term business planning. This path includes datamart, data warehouse, operational data store, and metadata repository architectures.


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