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Introducing Methodologies?

Have your previous attempts to introduce methodologies been less than successful?

Let 6D ... show you how we can optimize your methodology delivery through our fully integrated software solutions.

Benefits of 6D Software Products

Ease of Accessibility - with 6D products users can single-click to navigate to their methodology content - resulting in a dramatic increase in methodology use
Relevance - with 6D products the Project Manager can easily customize the content to give clear project related guidance where necessary. Methods now reflect the realities of the project and organization and are not generic
Easy to build knowledgebase of best practices from successful projects div>
Meet organizational or other standards: CMMI, ISO, Six Sigma, PMI's - PMBOK® Guide 
Easy to provide task specific guidance to all Project Staff
Task specific guidance to all Project Staff

Are You...

Building a WBS Dictionary?

Developing a PM Methodology / SDLC / Six Sigma Methodology?

Now you can start small and scale up - Individual, Team & Enterprise users

Contact Information

6D Tech
P. O. Box 700696
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Project Catalyst Supports:

  • Microsoft Project Standard
  • Microsoft Project Professional
  • Microsoft Project Server

Project Management Methodology

6D’s Project Management Methodology is a comprehensive, scalable and easy to deploy set of tasks that includes all of PMI’s PMBOK® Guide Phases and Knowledge Areas. It is easy to assemble, tailor, deploy, maintain and improve your organization’s best practices.

6D Project Management Methodology

6D’s Project Management Methodology™ (PMM) provides a step-by step guidance to help you achieve repeatable project success. Everything you need to successfully manage a project is clearly defined with extensive task descriptions, clear roles and responsibilities at the task level, comprehensive set of document templates that cover all the important project management deliverables and it even includes guidance that allows you to tailor the methodology to suit the size, complexity and special project circumstances you may have.


Document Templates, Checklists, Guides included in the Methodology

See a list of all documents with a short description.

This fully customizable methodology is based on extensive Project Management experience and includes guidance from PMI's PMBOK Guide® and Prince2®.
  • Covers all 9 Knowledge Areas
  • Covers all 5 Process Groups
  • Origination Phase to cover activities prior to Initiation
  • Scalable and easily tailorable to meet your project needs
  • Tasks mapped to specific Knowledge Area and Process Group activity - View a Screenshot
  • Complete Guidance for each task – WBS Dictionary - View a Screenshot
  • Clearly defined Roles and Responsibilities at the task AND Summary level - View a Screenshot
  • Document Templates linked to tasks: Checklists, Agendas, Worksheets and Plans including: Scope, Risk, Configuration, Schedule, Cost, Quality, Procurement, Communications, Human Resources - View a Screenshot


Methodology Structure

We know that you need to deal with various sizes of projects and you may not need all the details of the 150 or so tasks defined in the methodology. You can tailor the methodology and reduce the size of your project’s WBS for better manageability.
For each task in the methodology there is extensive knowledge content to ensure full understanding of the task and the deliverables required. We have included all the major deliverables required by PMBOK® Guide and cross referenced the tasks in the methodology to specific sections of the PMBOK® Guide Phases and Knowledge Areas. Special Kickoff Meeting Agendas with suggested topics and phase-end Checklists are all designed to help you implement the methodology fast and successfully.

Intuitive Project Interface

We have built the methodology directly inside the Microsoft Project interface so you can use familiar tools to manage all aspects of the methodology.

Task Descriptive Content and Cross-reference to PMBOK® Guide - Screen Shot

(Click for larger Image)

Tasks in the Project Management Methodology are cross referenced to the specific Knowledge Areas and Process Groups of PMI's PMBOK ®Guide. See Column Headings for cross-reference information to PMI's PMBOK ®Guide.

Each Task has many sections of information such as Overview, Objectives, Inputs, Deliverables, Tools and Techniques, Description or steps involved. You can add your own sections or you can tailor the sections provided for you "out of the box" to suit your needs.

Task Roles and Responsibilities - Screen Shot

(Click for larger Image)

For each Task there are clearly defined Roles and Responsibilities. The specific Role (e.g. Project Manager, Project Team Member) and Responsibility (e.g. Primary, Review, Approval) can be tailored by you to suit your organization's standards.

The roles are defined at two levels: General Role Descriptions cover what the role does at the project level where as the Task Specific Roles describe what the role is supposed to do at the task level.

Roles and Responsibilities are summarized at the Phase (summary) levels.

Task Documents - Screen shot

(Click for larger Image)

Document templates are linked to tasks. All major deliverables called for by the PMBOK® Guide are included. You can link Templates, Examples, Standards, Policies, Procedures, References or even deliverables from other related projects. The document templates can be copied (using the copy icon) to create an instance of the document template for your specific project.

The Enterprise version of Project Catalyst allows you to link Windows SharePoint documents.

List of Documents included with the full 6D Project Management Methodology.


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