Thursday, November 26, 2015


New Methodology Introductions

Let 6D ... show you how we can optimize your methodology delivery through our fully integrated software solutions.


Benefits of 6D Software Products

Ease of Accessibility - with 6D product users can single-click to navigate to their methodology content - resulting in a dramatic increase in methodology use
Relevance - with 6D products the Project Manager can easily customize the content to give clear project related guidance where necessary. Methods now reflect the realities of the project and organization and are not generic
Easy to build knowledgebase of best practices from successful projects div>
Meet organizational or other standards: CMMI, ISO, Six Sigma, PMI's - PMBOK┬« Guide 
Easy to provide task specific guidance to all Project Staff
Task specific guidance to all Project Staff

Process & Project Implementation Methods

We have developed methodologies that allow you to "projectize" your deployment efforts. That is, by using these methodologies you can be assured of a smooth roll out. These methodologies take into account organizational change management processes that are key to institutionalizing the project and process discipline.


Microsoft Project EPM Deployment Process

This is a customizable framework designed to help organizations install, test, and gradually rollout Microsoft Project EPM in their environment.
The methodology has built in accelerated approaches to installing and getting past the proof of concept stage for the EPM technologies. We have included processes from our Core PM Lifecycle to ensure that the deployment project is treated in the same manner as any other project. For organizations that want to also include the process management component, we have added the processes from our Process Implementation Planning methods.
The deployment of an enterprise solution like the Microsoft Project EPM requires not only technical implementation but also aspects of cultural change, establishment of policies and procedures and management of expectations. 6D brings all these into a concise methodology and plan supported by our full education and training curriculum for Microsoft Project.
This methodology is designed for our consulting staff to follow during an implementation. Once the pilot projects have completed and roll-out process has started, organizations can continue to use this methodology with only spot assistance from 6D. In addition to standard PM deliverables, many specific documents are produced to assist the organization in maintaining their Project EPM environment. These include EPM Requirements document and Project Server Configuration document.


Process Implementation Planning

This is a customizable framework that is designed to help your organization set up a process and program management environment that leverages the use of 6D Project Catalyst. It is designed to ensure that management expectations and plans for roll-out including institutionalization of process management are properly managed. Its step by step processes include creation of an internal communications plan, an organization skills development plan, and setting up of standards, policies and procedures.
It also includes tasks for customization and building of methodology libraries that are important to your organization. Methodologies, policies and procedures are tested through a few initial projects before a full roll-out. This methodology meets the need of organizations that have already set up a project management environment and are now looking at adding methods and a process management environment.
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