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IT Enhancement and Maintenance Methodologies

Can your organization benefit from a disciplined approach for the prioritization, consolidation, development, testing and deployment of legacy systems enhancements?

Enhancement and Maintenance Methodologies

These methods develop a broad view of an enterprise’s enhancement requirements in light of its information processing position, and then prescribe a disciplined approach for the prioritization, consolidation, development, testing and deployment of legacy systems enhancements.

Legacy Systems Enhancement

The decision to enhance, rebuild or refurbish existing application systems requires thorough analysis and planning - and Legacy Systems Enhancement solves this problem. As these methods are applied, a systematic set of documentation and models is produced to provide a valuable on-going documentation library describing an organization’s information technology framework.

Systems Maintenance

This lifecycle deals primarily with the identification and resolution of routine change requests and identified errors in legacy information systems, but has processes that allow for proper prioritizing, testing and putting the software in production. Emphasis is placed on the often-overlooked tasks to justify, plan, and coordinate the activities of a maintenance organization.

Introducing Methodologies?

Have your previous attempts to introduce methodologies been less than successful?

Let 6D ... show you how we can optimize your methodology delivery through our fully integrated software solutions.

Benefits of 6D Software Products

Ease of Accessibility - with 6D products users can single-click to navigate to their methodology content - resulting in a dramatic increase in methodology use
Relevance - with 6D products the Project Manager can easily customize the content to give clear project related guidance where necessary. Methods now reflect the realities of the project and organization and are not generic
Easy to build knowledgebase of best practices from successful projects div>
Meet organizational or other standards: CMMI, ISO, Six Sigma, PMI's - PMBOK® Guide 
Easy to provide task specific guidance to all Project Staff
Task specific guidance to all Project Staff
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