Thursday, November 26, 2015


Comprehensive Project Solutions

What Customers say about us

6D works hard to ensure client success in every engagement. Here are some quotes from our customers: 
“6D did a great job….our projects had to continue while 6D helped us transition to EPM …they also focused on training and mentoring our project managers and other stakeholders...”
-Texas Instruments
“[6D Staff] not only accelerated deployment but they trained us in the process…. Great job”
- Descartes Systems Group
“Everyone is very impressed with the results and we were able to start utilizing the benefits of this software on the first day of its installation”
IT Project/PMO Manager

EPM Proof of Concept

Why commit to an assessment or deployment with no guarantee?

In today's rapidly changing and uncertain environment executives want proof of success before committing funds and resources.
Let 6D Tech's proven and guaranteed 15 day Proof of Concept EPM Deployment answer all your questions - making sure technology expectations are realistic before committing to a full deployment. 
Often, there are questions about the technology - does it work? Will it work in our environment? What can the technology do for us? What features, functions and facilities should we focus on first? This "time boxed" service is designed for organizations that are still waiting to see if Microsoft's EPM solution is for them. 
6Ds accelerated EPM deployment is right for your organization if:
  • Your organization must prove a small success first
  • You need to demonstrate a Proof-of-Concept or Pilot before you get top level buy-in
  • You need to eliminate technology risk and train your core team at the same time
  • You need to map out your organization's EPM deployment roadmap.
Within 15 days we will install a fully functional EPM environment with a guarantee!
In 15-Days, we will install a fully functional EPM environment and get you on a firm footing by taking a measured evolutionary approach. We eliminate your technology deployment risks and help you establish an achievable road-map for full EPM deployment.

Our 15-Day Guarantee

Our approach achieves two major objectives: Software installation and loading some of your pilot projects.  We add users and data from these projects and go through a series of discussions with your team to agree on preliminary requirements. We then demonstrate how out of the box EPM functionality works with your projects. We guarantee that we will achieve this in FIFTEEN DAYS or you dont pay for our services.
In addition, we will provide you with: a Road Map, your installations Configuration Document, a Requirements Document and a number of starter documents that will help you in your department and enterprise roll-out. We will be available beyond this 15 days to help you in your journey. What about training? We will provide your technical and administrative staff hands-on training as they shadow our consultants/mentors. Learning and buy-in occurs when working with projects that are meaningful to the users.
Contact us now to take advantage of this proven and guaranteed fully functional EPM deployment.


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